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Allegheny County broke ground in December 2022 on the first solar panel installation in White Oak Park, which was energized in August 2023. It is an impressive solar canopy over the parking lot near the Chestnut Playground, generating 156,000 kilowatt-hours of electric each year.  The canopy provides shade for a popular playground and will be a future location for electric vehicle charging stations. In Deer Lakes Park, there are two systems, a ground mounted solar array near the Park Office and a small roof solar system on the pumphouse of the Spray Park. The small system, located near the main entrance of the park, is seen by families and visitors as they come to enjoy the trails, playground, and spray park. This system will generate an estimated 180,000 kilowatt-hours per year and is set to be energized in March 2024. Twelve months after construction, the county will submit for a Zero Energy Certification. Combined generation these systems will produce the same energy consumed by 28 residential homes each year.